Mouth thrush in children

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Let's talk about mouth thrush treatment options for children. Almost all babies or toddlers get this at least once in these first years of life because their immune system is not fully developed yet.   Mouth thrush in children, infants and toddlers will generally clear up on its own within about 2 weeks. However their mouth can become really sore and they may eat less because of the pain, having said that here are some ideas that may help speed up the healing process.   Infants under a month old can be prescribed Nystatin from your doctor. A infants dose should be 0.5 ml four times a day. If the infant is older than 30 days or is a toddler the dose may increase to 1ml. Treatments generally are for 7 to 10 days, going at least 3 days past the last signs of thrush.   Diflucan is another prescription medication to try. Diflucan only has to be done once a day in an oral suspension, so it has some benefits over Nystatin. The bad thing is it's more expensive and is a pretty strong medication.   For a home remedy you might try Gentian Violet. It has been around for some time and it works, just be warned, it’s extremely messy and will stain skin, clothes, carpet, pretty much anything it contacts purple. Not the best choice in my opinion.   Coconut oil is a good choice, just make sure you get 100% pure virgin coconut oil. This has immune booster naturally in it and is perfectly safe for babies and easy to digest, in fact it's a good immune boost for them and the mother too. The mother can spread a small amount on her nipples before and after breast feeding to stop spreading of thrush. Pure coconut oil is pricey so you might find it cheaper online.   Yet another home remedy is apple cider vinegar, make sure it is the raw unfiltered kind. Vinegar and yeast don’t see eye to eye on things in fact yeast can’t grow in a vinegar rich environment. So dabbing some on the nipples is a good mouth thrush treatment.   The next home remedy sounds a little strange but works, if you have privacy. The mother can simply expose her breast to sunlight for just a few minutes before and after breast feeding. Candida will die if exposed to sunlight even if it's only a small amount. You see candida thrive in dark damp places and will die quickly in any other environment. Wearing loose cotton shirts in between breast feedings can also be a big help.