Brown Vag Discharge

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 Having a brown vag discharge is very disturbing but it doesn’t always mean you've a problem or infection.



 You could have some normal discharge that didn’t get out on your menstrual cycle finally releasing or perhaps a little spotting form issues like starting and stopping birth control. There are some perfectly normal times for a brown vag discharge, if it’s only temporary or extremely short lived. Remember blood takes on a brownish color after a short amount of time out of the blood stream.



 Now if you have had a brown vag discharge much more than a couple of days and are experiencing some other signs and symptoms too it could be 1 of the following.



 Cervical cancer symptoms may consist of a continuous watery pink, brown, bloody release having a foul smell. Vaginal bleeding between periods, and following intercourse or truly any bleeding after menopause might also be a indication of cervical cancer. For those who have this kind of discharge please consult a doctor.



 Genital warts are a STD that causes little wart like growths on your genitals. This is actually a viral skin illness and it's symptoms can be itching, vaginal bleeding or a brown vag discharge. Don't attempt to remove the warts with a over the counter wart medication, they are not the same thing. You just need to go see a doctor.



 Pelvic inflammatory illness (PID) is another bacterial disease but this is a bacterial illness of the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. PID is brought on by the spread of two various bacteria gonorrhea and chlamydia which makes it a STD. Other PID symptoms consist of pain in the pelvis or lower back, painful urination, bleeding following sexual intercourse and a strong odor. If these are the signs and symptoms that you have you should seek advice from a physician.



 Chlamydia and gonorrhea both will have signs and symptoms of a brownish vaginal discharge, so you may not have PID. However you still need to go see your physician as quickly as possible




 Vulvovaginitis is the most common cause of a brown vag discharge. Vulvovaginitis is an infection in the vagina or vulva. It's brought on by a number of things like Yeasts, bacteria, viruses and some sexually transmitted diseases (STD).


 Candida albicans (yeast) symptoms can produce a brown vag discharge but they're generally white like cottage cheese. However the intensity and the timing around your menstrual cycle could alter the color. A yeast infection usually has no odor or a small yeasty scent along with it.



 This type of infection can be quickly cured. I would not rely on over the counter medications to fully cure you. Most of the time they'll cure your signs and symptoms for a short time and it will be back once more. If you do the correct program you never need to be concerned about a yeast infection again.


 A yellowish to brown vag discharge with a fishy smell are 1 the top bacterial vaginosis symptoms. The odor could be extremely strong with a severe bacterial infection with the discharge being a light to heavy liquid consistency. Bacterial vaginosis is very common and easy to remedy in the privacy of your own home with a good system to follow.