White vaginal discharge

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First off a clear discharge is perfectly normal to have and should not be worried about. On the other hand if you have a white vaginal discharge then you most likely have a infection.




Right around the time of your menstrual period is the time you will see a normal clear discharge. This is perfectly normal and helps to keep the vagina clean, lubricated and free of germs.




There are certain factors that may cause changes in the appearance or consistency of the discharge. These changes may include pregnancy, ovulation, or breastfeeding. There are also certain factors that can upset the ph level in your vagina. These may include douching, deodorant soaps, or perfumed body sprays.




A white vaginal discharge can mean that there is a yeast or bacterial infection present. Symptoms of a Yeast infection in women can have different appearances. It can be thin or thick, but normally always white in color. With bacterial infection symptoms the discharge will be off white to yellow in color.




Usually the severity of the infection will determine the depth and texture of the white vaginal discharge. A thin discharge is probably a mild infection with a major infection having the Constancy of cottage cheese. A mild infection may clear up extremely easy but a heavy white vaginal discharge could mean your dealing with a major candida overgrowth.




In some of the worst cases the discharge might even contain blue specks in it. This discharge would almost resemble something like crumbled blue cheese. I know it's gross but it happens.




If you are experiencing a white vaginal discharge that severe you need to address the problem immediately, but you really should cure it immediately even if your symptoms aren't that severe anyway. A good way to Tell if a male may have a yeast infection is in his semen. It should be normal fairly thin, if it is real thick he could have a infection and doesn't know it. Most men can have a yeast infection with no symptoms and just keep giving it right back to you after you clear it up.




Sometimes it can be hard to determine which type of discharge you have. Discharge can be normal and abnormal, and the discharge of a yeast infection may mimic bacterial infection symptoms.




If there is any question about the type of vaginal discharge you are having, it does not hurt to examine it. If it is white, thick, and may smell yeasty, most likely it is a yeast infection. If it is yellowish or gray it may be another type of infection. If it is thin and clear, then you probably have nothing to worry about.




Here are some tips in helping to prevent normal vaginal discharge-Always wipe from front to back to prevent the spreading of bacteria, wear cotton underwear, use latex condoms if diaphragms may be an irritant, and avoid hot baths.




These are some tips in preventing abnormal discharge-change out of wet clothes or swimsuits as soon as possible, bath before and after sexual intercourse or a vigorous workout, and keep the moisture level down as much as possible.